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Collaborations of Professor L. Katseli in the past

Director of the OECD Development Centre , Paris , France  (2003-2007)

Acting Member (1996-2003), Rapporteur (1996-1997) and Vice Chair (1998-1999) of the United Nations’ Committee for Development Policy (1996-2003)

National  Representative to the Financing for Development Conference at  Monterrey and Preparatory Committee Conferences (2000-2002)

Main Evaluator for the ILO, Report of the Advisory Group on Social Protection Floor for Unfair and Inclusive Globalization (2011)

Consultant for the World Bank, Evaluation of Global Programs (2007)

Consultant for the IOM on International Migration Management (2006)

Consultant for the United Nations Centre for Transnational Corporations, U.N. - Author of a book and two articles on «Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Interlinkages in the 1990s: Experience and Prospects of Developing Countries», and on «Globalization and Development in the 1990s» (1991)

Consultant to U.N.C.T.A.D, Madagascar, Author of report on «Balance of Payments Adjustment and Exchange Rate Policy for the Central Bank of Madagascar» (1981)

Consultant with Central Bank of India, Thailand and Singapore on Exchange Rate Policy, Ford Foundation (1980)

Intern, United Nations, New York City (Summer 1973)

Member of the “Comite des Sages” (7 Member Committee) on the Reform of the European Social Charter, European Commission DG V (1995-1997)

Member of the European Commission’ s Advisory Panel on «Science, Technology, Community Cohesion in a Wider Continental Europe», CEC, Monitor/Fast/Programme Theme B (1991-1992)

Director General of the Center of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE), (1982-1986)

Member of the EC Monetary Committee (1983-1985)

Member of the EC Economic Policy Committee (1982-1984)

Consultant for various Directorates of the European Commission (DGII, DGV, DGXVI, DGXII).

Research Fellow of IZA, Bonn, November (1999-2002)

Research Affiliate of the National Bureau of Economic Research (International Studies Program) (1990-1992)

Member of Economic Policy Panel (1985-1987)

Member of the National Advisory Committee on Research and Technology (1997-2000)

Member of the Center for European Policy Studies, The CEPS Economic Policy Group (1990-1992)

Member of the European Commission’s Ad Hoc Advisory Group to Support Economic Science in Europe (1987)

Member of the EC Group of Experts on Medium - Term Macroeconomic Projections (1982-1984)