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Academic Activities by Professor George Mergos

Professor G. Mergos'’ full CV is available at section Teaching Staff.


E-class of the courses of the Professor in the Department of Economics (NKUA)

This is the e-class of Professor G. Mergos in which the educational material of his courses appears (announcements, lectures, results).


Courses in Master of Science Programs

The courses that Professor G. Mergos teaches in the Master of Science on "Applied Economics and Finance.



Reviewer of research articles ans reports submited for publication to Comparative Economic Systems, European Review of Agricultural Economics, το Journal of Agricultural Economics, το Empirical Economics, το Economic Development and Cultural Change, το Applied Economics, το Water Resources Management, Hellenic Statistical Institute,  KEPE, Agrotiki Bank, FEIR (IOBE), Ministry of Agriculture, presentations in conferences.


Professional Carreer

Here is presented the professional carreer of Professor G. Mergos.



Scientific Responsible in a high number of scientific programs in the private sector, the European Union, World Bank, FAO-UN, many Ministries, KEPE, ETBA, Organisation for Promoting Exports, FEIR (IOBE), etc.