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Academic Activities Professor by Louka Katseli

Professor L. Katselis’ full CV is available at section Teaching Staff.


E-class of the courses of the Professor in the Department of Economics (NKUA)

This is the e-class of Professor L. Katseli in which the educational material of his courses appears (announcements, lectures, results).


Courses in Master of Science Programs

Professor L. Katseli has taught the course "International Economics" in the Master of Science on "Applied Economics and Finance", during the academic years 2002-2003 and 2003-2004.


Teaching Experience

Here, the previous teaching experience of Professor L. Katseli is presented.


Editorial Board in Scientific Journals

1995 – 1997: Editorial Board Member in the International Journal of Finance and Economics.


Awards and Fellowships

Here are presented the awards and fellowships of Professor L. Katseli in the past.


Other Activities by Professor L. Katseli

Other activities of Professor L. Katseli are presented.