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Research by Adjunct Teachers of the Division

Below is presented the recent research of the adjunct lecturers of the Civision (after 2010).


Boufounou Paraskevi

Scientific Articles

  • L.Kestner G.Georgakopoulos, P.Kalantonis & P.Boufounou (2012) «The impact of board of directors’ turnover on the association between financial restatement and audit fees», Journal of Applied Finance & Banking, vol 3, no 2, pp 53-175
  • C.D.Katsis, I.Gkokou, C.A. Papadopoulos, Y.Goletsis, P.V.Boufounou & G.Stylios (2012) «Using Artificial Immune Recognition Systems in order to detect early breast cancer», International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications, vol 5, no 2, pp 34-70
  • C.D.Katsis, Y.Goletsis, P.Boufounou, G.Stylios & E.Koumanakos (2012) «Using Ants to Detect Fraudulent Financial Statements», Journal of Applied Finance & Banking, vol 2, no 6, pp 73-81
  • P.Boufounou (2010) «Εκτίμηση των Χαρακτηριστικών της Τραπεζικής Παραγωγικής Διαδικασίας: Μια Νέα Προσέγγιση», Spoudai. , vol 60, no 1-2, σελ 7-54. (in Greek)
  • P.Boufounou (2010) «Αξιολόγηση Εναλλακτικών Προσεγγίσεων Μέτρησης των Προιόντων Τραπεζικής Επιχείρησης με Ποσοτικές Μεθόδους», Επιστημονική Επετηρίδα Εφαρμοσμένης Ερευνας Τ.Ε.Ι Πειραιά, vol. XIV, no 2, σελ 45-74 (in Greek)

Scientific Conferences

  • C.Katsis, Y.Goletsis, P.Boufounou, G.Stylios & E.Koumanakos (2012) «Using Ants to Detect Fraudulent Financial Statements», Τόμος Πρακτικών Συνεδρίου του 1st International Symposium on Business, Economics and Financial Applications, σελ 175-179


Kasteli Ioanna

Scientific Papers in Journals

  • Papayannakis L., I. Kastelli, D. Damigos, G. Mavrotas, 2008, “Fostering entrepreneurship education in engineering curricula in Greece. Experience and challenges for a Technical University”, European Journal of Engineering Education, 33:2, 199-210.
  • Kastelli I., 2004, “Technological development in the context of the european integration. The case of Greece”, Problems and Perspectives in Management nº 2: 5-24.
  • Kastelli I., Y. Caloghirou, S. Ioannides, 2004, “Cooperative R&D as a means for knowledge creation. Experience from European funded partnerships”, International Journal of Technology Management 27(8): 712-730.
  • Caloghirou Y., Kastelli I., A. Tsakanikas, 2004, “Internal capabilities and external knowledge sources: complements or substitutes for innovative performance?”, Technovation 24: 29-39.
  • Kastelli I., 2000, “Science and Technology Policy in Greece. Policy initiatives for R&D cooperation”, FEEM Note di Lavoro 69/00, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Milano.


  • Giannitsis T., S. Zografakis, I. Kastelli, D. Mavri, 2009, “Competitiveness and Technology in Greece”, ed. T. Giannitsis, Papazisis, Athens, in greek.

Chapters in Books

  • Giannitsis T., I. Kastelli, forthcoming, “Industrial policy in times of crisis: the case of Greece” in Teixeira Α.Α.C., E. Silva, R. PaesMamede (eds.), Structural Change, Competitiveness and Industrial Policy: Painful Lessons from the European Periphery, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.
  • Kastelli I., Y. Caloghirou, 2014, “The impact of knowledge – intensive entrepreneurship on the growth and competitiveness of European traditional sectors”, in Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen and Isabel Schwinge eds., Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurship in Low-Tech Industries, Edward Elgar.
  • Kastelli I., Y. Caloghirou, 2004, “R&D cooperation : a case study analysis on subsidized European projects” in Caloghirou Y., N. Vonortas, S. Ioannides (eds) European Collaboration in Research and Development. Business Strategy and Public Policy, Edward Elgar:104-120.
  • Kastelli I., M. Mandaraka, 2004, “Alfa Beta Roto: Case Study”, in L. Papayannakis “Technology and Entrepreneurship. Part III: Case Studies”, NTUA electronic publication.


Ikonomou Constantinos

Scientific Papers in Journals

  • Growth Factors of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises at State and Regional Level, Region & Periphery, 2: 37-82  (2013)
  • A microeconomic assessment of Greece’s core-periphery imbalances (1994-2002) confirming Krugman’s 1991 New Economic Geography model, European Journal of Geography, 2, 2, 62-78, 2011

Scientific Conferences

  • Ikonomou, C. (2012) Directing Growth in Europe, Regional Studies Association, 2012 European Conference, Delft, 1-91, RSA Award-winning research, RSA early career grant.
  • Ikonomou, C. (2011) The emerging Europe and the need for change, Regional Studies Association, Annual International Conference 2011, Newcastle University, 17-20 April 2011.
  • Ikonomou, C. (2012) Examining the bases and direction of growth in Europe, Greek Society of Regional Scientists, 17th Annual Conference, The future of growth and spatial planning in Greece, Delphi, 2 February 2012, 265-275.
  • Ikonomou, C. (2012)  The Use of GIS and Map Analysis for Resolving Policy Problems; The Task of Guiding Young Scientists, Hellas GIS, annual GIS conference, Conference Proceedings, forthcoming, 17-18 May 2012, Athens, in Greek.
  • Ikonomou, C. et al. (2012) Spatial distribution of drought episodes in Greece by the use of Standard Precipitation Index, Hellas GIS, annual GIS conference, Conference Proceedings, forthcoming, 17-18 May 2012, Athens, in Greek.
  • Ikonomou et al. (2012) The use and exploration of Kaupert maps for the representation of environmental information in the Department of Attiki (Athens), Hellas GIS, annual GIS conference, Conference Proceedings, forthcoming, 17-18 May 2012, Athens, in Greek.

Chapters in Books

  • Ikonomou, C.  (2012) An Assessment of SME and business growth policies in Greece (1994-2002), in Liargovas, P. (ed) Greece: Economics, Political and Social Issues, Nova Science Publishers, In.
  • Ikonomou, C. (2011) Assessment of the effects of EU policies co-funded by the EU budget on business support in Greece, in Glynos, G. (ed) (2011) Assessment of the effects of the policies co-funded by the EU budget in Greece: 1981-2011, ELIAMEP, Report submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office, in Greek.
  • Ikonomou, C. (forthcoming) Local Economic Development: An introduction from the perspective of economic geography, in Greek.