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Research by Professor George Mergos (After 2010)

Below is presented the Professor's recent research activity (after 2010). Full research activity is presented on the section Teaching Staff.

Clich here to see the Professor's publication catalogue (in Greek).



  • Mergos, G. , Makridimitris A. (2012) Forwarding Reforms in the Greek Economy. Athens Academy, Economic Studies Office, Report No. 12, Athens, pp. 498.


Under Development

  • A. Davou and G. Mergos “Residential demand for electricity”
  • A. Davou and G. Mergos “Demand for primary energy in Greece”
  • A. Politi, A. Davou and G. Mergos” The relationship between GDP and energy intensity: A cross-country analysis”
  • K. Kougepsakis, A. Davou and G. Mergos “European Carbon Finance: A Review”
  • A. Romosios, A. Davou and G. Mergos “Co-integration in European emissions trading markets”
  • A. Davou and G. Mergos “Deregulation in electricity markets”