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Research by Associate Professor - Kosteletou Nikolina (After 2010)

Below is presented the Associate Professor’s recent research activity (after 2010). Full research activity is presented on the section Teaching Staff.


Research Projects 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 financed by the Special Account for Research Grants of the NKUA

Kosteletou Nikolina, Research Supervisor of Project 5

Eurozone Imbalances and the Euro

Kosteletou Nikolina

Research associates: Dr. Oikonomou K., Tsitsani C.

Under publication:

  • Intra Eurozone Imbalances: a question of competitiveness


  •  Financial integration, euro and the twin deficits of southern euro zone countries,” Panoeconomicus, March, 2013.

Participation in two scientific conferences:

  • The competitiveness debate: the case of Greece,”παρουσιάστηκε στο 12ο Συνέδριο της European Financial Society, Koz University, Istanbul, Ιούνιος 2012.


Articles in Scientific Journals


Publications in volumes and proceedings


Educational Material

  • Kosteletou N., Papapetrou E. (2012) “Economics, markets and labor” prepared for the National Confederation of Greek Traders, in Greek.



  • Krugman P., Obstfeld M. (2011) “International Economics: Theory and Policy”, Kritiki Publications, translation in Greek of 8th edition.


International Scientific Conferences

  • Kosteletou N. (2012) The competitiveness debate: the case of Greece.12th Conference of European Financial Society, KozUniversity, Istanbul, June 2012.
  • Kosteletou N. (2012) Financial integration, euro and the twin deficits of southern Euro zone countries. 16th Conference of Macroeconomic Analysis, University of Crete, Department of Economics, Rethymno, Crete, May 2012.
  • Kosteletou N., Liargovas P. (2012) FDI inflows and trade openness in Southeastern Europe and Black Sea Countries. 7th International Conference of ASECU, Rostov State University, Rostov on Don, Russia, Oct. 2011.



  • “IMF and the economic crisis: the case of Greece” for the Greek employees of the European Commission in Brussels and Luxemburg.